“Catch them while they are young and with a bit of luck they will remember,” – this was hopefully the outcome of a recent farm visit made by Henry and Steph with 26 reception children.
The children saw animals of varying sizes, from rabbits to horses, with many different species in between, and were able to discuss the various aspects of feeding and caring for them.
All the children were so enthusiastic, getting involved in the activities and talks. They thought the day was great and would love to visit the farm again!
Henry said: “It was very rewarding to see such happy and interested children. Not only was it a good opportunity to let them see farm animals within their usual environment, but also an effective way to start teaching them about farming in general, and the people involved with farming.”
Pictured: Henry Dove of Rutland Vets with Gordon the donkey and Bertie Hazlewood from the Reception Class at Peterborough School.