Adolescent Clinic

As our pets, especially dogs, reach adolescence their requirements change. Their behaviour, exercise needs, diet and dental requirements, all change.
This free clinic is designed to troubleshoot any potential problems and provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.
This is a free ‘preventative’ healthcare clinic for cats and dogs over the age of 8 years.
This free clinic takes about 30 minutes. An optional and price-discounted blood test can also be taken, to identify any underlying medical problems such as liver or kidney disease. Also included are checks on weight, teeth and arthritis.
The consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss any subtle changes you may have noticed in your pet. Any problems can be promptly treated enabling your pet to live longer and enjoy a fuller life.

Weight Watchers

Many pets are overweight which can undermine their long term health. Our specially qualified veterinary nurses will assess if your pet is at the correct weight for its build.

Advice is also given on ensuring your pet has the right diet for its individual needs.