At Rutland Veterinary Centre we have a dedicated experienced team of registered veterinary nurses (RVN) who run their own clinics each day to help keep your pets fit and healthy, with regular check-ups and preventative treatments.

Our nurses are keen to offer you impartial, tailored advice on many different topics along with helping you with general nursing care.

Nurses are not allowed, by law, to diagnose medical problems or treat injuries.

If you see a nurse and they are concerned about your pet in any way you will be advised to make an appointment with a Veterinary Surgeon: the next available appointment will always be offered to you and may be chargeable.

Our nurse clinics run on an appointment basis Monday to Friday throughout the day.

Please call your local practice to book your appointment.

Pets who are part of our Lifetime Care Cub get monthly nurse checks for FREE!
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Support & Advice

  • Pre and post-operative care
  • Administering medication
  • Ear cleaning
  • Tooth brushing and oral care
  • Neutering advice
  • Advice on purchasing a pet
  • Insurance
  • Lifetime Care Club
  • Pre-breeding advice
  • Puppy and kitten wellness checks
  • Rabbit and small pets health care
  • Puppy socialisation classes

Clinical Services

  • Blood pressure readings
  • Second vaccinations
  • Dressing and bandage changes
  • Nail trimming
  • Anal gland expression
  • Blood Sampling
  • Suture and drain removal
  • Tick removal
  • Grooming and de-matting
  • Microchipping



Puppy & Kitten

Our nurses can give you all the help you need with your new arrival. Either before or after their first vaccinations why not book a puppy or kitten check to make sure your new family member is fit and healthy?

We can discuss your pet’s individual needs with regard to vaccinations, microchipping, feeding, parasite control and behaviour. Any other questions you may have can also be  answered at this time. We can also arrange follow-up appointments for second vaccinations, neutering, puppy classes and more.


For kittens aged 4 months and over, or puppies aged 6 months and over, we can help with advice on changing diet, exercise, neutering, behaviour and more. This free clinic is designed to help you navigate confidently through this life stage and troubleshoot any potential concerns.


Weight & Nutrition

Our veterinary nurses can assess your pet’s body condition and help you to achieve and maintain their ideal weight via dietary changes and exercise advice. Many pets in the UK are overweight and this can adversely affect their long-term health. We can work with you to positively improve your pet’s overall health through good quality nutrition.

Dental Care

We can check your pet’s mouth for signs of dental disease and advise you on the best way to keep your pet’s teeth in the best possible condition. Dental disease is extremely common in dogs and cats over 3 years old – whether your pet has bad breath, or has recently had a dental procedure, we can help you keep them in good oral health.


Senior Health

For cats and dogs over the age of 8, this free clinic takes about 30 minutes. Your pet will receive a full health check and advice on dental care, nutrition, body condition, mobility and behaviour. We can discuss any age-related changes to your pet that are concerning you. Optional and discounted blood and urine tests for early detection of medical problems are available and will be offered to you.

Diabetic Care

Care of diabetic animals can be daunting. Our nurses are here to help with advice and training on how to give medication, getting in a good daily routine and monitoring the response to treatment. This free clinic can give you the support you need between visits to the vet.


Confidence Building

Perfect for your pet to build up good associations with the practice. If your canine companion is anxious or worried, book some time with us so he or she can visit and enjoy lots of fuss and treats.