At Rutland Veterinary Centre we have a very well-equipped in-house laboratory, which enables us to provide same-day results of tests, so that diagnoses can be made for your pets quickly and efficiently. The range of in-house diagnostics tests include those for assessing blood and urine and for identifying hormone imbalances and skin infections.


In addition we can also offer:


Ultrasound scanning – this provides a non-invasive method of imaging soft tissue structures within your pet’s body. It is also used for pregnancy diagnosis.

Radiography (X-rays) – We can investigate and diagnose bone and joint disorders, and problems within the chest and abdomen.

Blood pressure testing – This is useful in diagnosing/monitoring heart, kidney and thyroid conditions.

Modern dentistry equipment – We have an up-to-date dental machine, which enables us to offer better dental care for your pet.


Why does my pet need an anaesthetic to have an x-ray?

It is extremely important that your pet remains perfectly motionless during the x-ray to get the best image. Positioning can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful however it is crucial that we get a good quality radiograph first time so we can see if there are (sometimes tiny) abnormalities present. X-rays are taken using small amounts of radiation therefore it is important that our members of staff are not over-exposed. As with human radiologists, we disappear behind a protective screen too. We usually sedate or anaesthetise pets for these reasons.

Can I see my pets x-rays?

Yes. We will always show you your pets x-rays. It makes it both easier for us to explain a diagnosis and helps you to understand what that diagnosis is. We can then discuss the next steps with you.

My pet’s x-rays have been sent for a second opinion, why is that?

Whilst our vets are all very highly skilled, sometimes a specialist opinion is needed if a problem has been picked up that is a little more complicated. Some referral practices will offer a second opinion free of charge, unfortunately some will charge for their time. We do our best to inform you of this at the time.

Does my pet’s hair need to be clipped off for an ultrasound scan?

Yes. This is necessary as the hair obstructs the ultrasonic waves and causes a ‘blackout’ on the picture.

Is my pet awake for an ultrasound?

We normally perform ultrasounds on conscious patients though occasionally if a pet gets very anxious, or is in pain, we will use a light sedation.

Can you scan my pet to see if she is pregnant?

Yes, we do pregnancy diagnosis. This is normally done consciously and can be done from around day 30 of pregnancy. We will be able to confirm pregnancies but we will only be able to give you an estimation of the number of babies expected.